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Victoria Egg Donation | For Egg Recipients from Victoria

Geelong, Melton, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Sunbury

Since 1991 the Egg Donation Program has been matching Victoria Egg Donation recipients from Australia with their dream donors. While we are based out of California, we offer our services around the world and have helped match countless families with the donors who are well suited for their families and with whom they feel a strong connection. We work both with fresh and frozen embryos, and have created outstanding relationships with many doctors located in California where the rates of success are high and donor candidates are numerous.  Los Angeles is called “the Egg Donor Capital of the World”.

By facilitating the process every step of the way we are able to provide extremely qualified egg donor angels, an attentive and compassionate staff, top infertility doctors, and expert medical care throughout the whole process. We would love to have you visit our database of outstanding Super donors and would be honored to help facilitate your donor IVF cycle.

While there are many candidates who qualify for egg donation, we are always recruiting donors who are donating because they genuinely want to help parents longing to have a child. Egg donation is an amazing process, and we are happy to have donors that share the same values that we do. Along with having a genuine reason to help, our donors have advanced degrees, are absolutely stunning to look at, talented, and come from different backgrounds allowing for a huge diversity of donors. In fact, we know that the cultures between the United States and Australia are very similar, so it is easy for our Intended Parents from down under to connect with our donors.

It takes a lot of courage to travel far from home to create a family. We can offer you a referral of another Australian couple to reassure you.  And we would be happy to do a video conference to educate you and help you make a decision. If you choose our program and find a donor located in the U.S. we promise to make the egg donation process both exciting and enjoyable. Every year families from all around the world travel here to California in order to begin the egg donation process. By coming here, the third party reproduction laws in California let all of our clients feel comfortable and safe with the donation process.

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