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The Agency for Superdonors

Known for representing the brightest, most beautiful and accomplished donors in the country.

We consider our donors to be angels who make miracles possible. We not only supervise the  cycles carefully and support our egg donors 24/7, but we are also consistently in touch with Recipients throughout the cycle. We make sure that our donors are cared for and looked after to give them the wonderful experience they deserve.  Our donors also receive the highest compensation and the most meaningful emotional rewards for their cycles, including higher fees for returning donors. We welcome you to join our family of SuperDonors and to be represented by the most prestigious egg donor agency in the nation where we provide an expedient matching process with loving recipient parents.


“The measure of your life is what you’ve done for others.”

Cycle Summary

The Egg Donor Program is not a medical facility, but we work with the top Reproductive Endocrinologists in the country who will carefully explain the medical procedures involved in egg donation. In the meantime, while you are considering the process, here is a brief explanation of an egg donor’s cycle:

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Egg Donor Qualifications

Due to our ranking, reputation and high volume of matches, The Egg Donor Program offers a superb opportunity at being matched very quickly with the most loving parents whom we carefully screen.

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Egg Donor Compensation

The gift of donation has an immeasurable emotional reward but we also offer the highest compensation for donors in the world. First time donors are compensated $8,000 and up. Repeat donor fees rise considerably with each cycle.

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Egg Donation Process Step by Step

Social Screening

When your final donor application is completed and accepted, We will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a phone or an in person interview. We will enjoy getting to know you and hearing about your family and your life’s dreams and we will carefully explain the medical procedures. After this interview you will be asked to have your profile put on our password protected website and will likely be matched very soon with a loving couple. Supplying a number of diverse photographs of you and possibly your family members is a key factor to being matched.

Being Chosen

It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have the honor of helping someone to achieve their dream. We will give you reassuring information about your couple who will have been screened and interviewed by our staff. We may be the only agency to turn down prospective couples who are not ready to be recipient parents. After you agree to participate you will be given paperwork to sign and asked to have your blood drawn on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle in order to measure your fertility.

Psychological Screening

Your emotional health is an important consideration to exclude the presence of psychiatric disease which could be inherited by a child. You will be asked to take a standardized psychological test which consists of many true and false questions. This test will need to be proctored by a professional in your area.

Genetic Report

The Egg Donor Program offers a genetic screening of chosen donors. A Board Certified Geneticist will interview you over the phone, take your family history, construct a family tree, and write a report which we will be happy to share with you. Please be prepared with as much information as possible regarding your family history and be aware that our Geneticist may ask you to provide more information from family members regarding medical history (It is not required that you disclose to anyone the fact that you are donating). You will also be tested for common genetic diseases. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive important health history for yourself.

Medical Screening

Day 3 FSH Test

Please keep track of your menstrual cycle even before you are chosen, particularly the day of onset. Frequently the reproductive Physician will request a blood test and possibly an ultrasound, on the third day of your menses. This test can be an indicator of your current fertility. It is extremely important to inform The Egg Donor Program and your physician’s office immediately when your period starts, even if this occurs over the weekend. If the blood test is not done exactly on the third day the cycle can be delayed by a month.

Medical Interview

The Reproductive Specialist at the office where you are chosen will Interview you and take your health history and explain the procedure.

Medical Testing

The FDA requires a panel of infectious disease screenings for all Egg Donors. This includes the following screenings:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • AIDS
  • Hepatitis
  • Pap Smear
  • Urine Drug Screen
  • Cystic Fibrosis Genetic Screening
  • Vaginal ultrasound of the ovaries

Legal Contract

All egg donations include a legal contract between a donor and recipient to define parental rights. These contracts are usually signed on separate pages to protect anonymity. As a donor, you will be offered expert legal counsel, which is paid for by the Program, in order to help you understand the document you will be asked to sign giving up your legal rights to the eggs which are retrieved from your body.

 Cycle Begins

You will begin to synchronize your cycle with the recipient of your eggs by taking Birth Control Pills for about 10 days and then usually about 21 days of a series of fertility hormones which are administered at home by you or a friend through injections with small gauge needles. During the treatment phase of the cycle, you will be asked to make several brief visits(normally 4-6) to the physician’s office for morning monitoring which include a blood draw and vaginal sonograms to monitor your egg.

The Egg Retrieval

The Egg Retrieval, also called Trans Vaginal Aspiration, takes place in the morning and last about 30 minutes. The eggs are recovered vaginally. You will be sedated for this procedure with “Twilight Sedation”, so you may not drive yourself home. With an ultrasound as a guide, the eggs are retrieved through the vaginal wall via a large needle and an aspiration process, which recovers the eggs from the top of the ovary where they have matured in small follicles. You will have a short recovery period in the office afterwards. It is recommended that you spend the rest of the day quietly at home. Most women feel fine afterwards and the next day you may return to normal activity. You should get a period in about 2 weeks. You are still fertile and able to conceive that month so be sure to use protection if you have intercourse.

******Please note that although we are quite familiar with the process, we are not a physician’s office. Therefore we will ask you to rely on the explanations and instructions given to you by the medical experts who treat you.

Join Our Family of Extraordinary Egg Donors

Being an egg donor is something that I will take with me through the rest of my life. I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity to help couples realize their dream of bringing a life into this world. Shelley and her ladies have become like a family to me and it has been an absolute honor to be a part of this incredible journey.
-Our Donor S. #1001
As a first time egg donor the staff at The Egg Donation Program made me feel like part of the family. Even with all the ladies more than 3,000 miles away, I never felt alone. To them I say THANK YOU! As a potential egg donor or recipient you’d be crazy to go anywhere else. On your journey to start a family, become a part of the already large but ever-growing, loving family at Shelley Smith’s Office! Life, Love, Laughter, Taylor.
- Our Donor T. #1596
The first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night are those faces of my beautiful babies. And the thought of me being able to bless a family with the same wonderful feeling that I have everyday, keeps me going.
- Our Donor A. #775
It has been more than 18 years since my first donation, and I see things so differently now than I did then. Little did I know this would be the greatest, most selfless thing I would ever do. Not wanting kids of my own I feel comfort in the fact that I have done my part and in doing so I have also made myself whole. I always said I wanted to leave this world having made a difference in at least one person’s life, and being a writer I inevitably thought it would be through some profound story I wrote. But I realize now that I have already accomplished that goal.
- Our Donor K.
Becoming an egg donor has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me! Everyone at The Egg Donor Program made me feel incredibly comfortable and special during the entire process. The joy and happiness I get from being a donor is indescribable. I cannot wait to find more families to help!
- Our Donor M. # 1850
You truly and sincerely don’t realize how meaningful and heartfelt this process is until the first time your recipients thank you for giving them the gift of a lifetime. It truly is a miracle.
- Our Donor S. #1508
Working with the egg donor program was one of the best decisions I have ever made; never in my life have I met such kind and caring people. I can only hope to be able to continue to help others through their program. I don’t have words to express how truly grateful I am to be a part of such an incredible and fulfilling experience.
- Our Donor E. #1259
I am truly touched by donating and the journey to parenthood. I can only imagine how terrible it must be to go through so much disappointment. It breaks my heart. I am so very thankful to have my little one and I wish with all my heart that I can help fulfill parent’s dreams. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts. I love them!
- Our Donor S. #1110
It is an overwhelming and great feeling to know that I’ve been able to help other couples achieve what I have, I am also very grateful that I am able to do so. I have enjoyed working with The Egg Donor Program throughout the past 2+ years; all of you have been nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help other people, I look forward to working with The Egg Donor Program again!
- Our Donor L. #1197
Being part of The Egg Donor Program has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. The Egg Donor Program team is incredible and they really make sure all your wants and needs are fulfilled. They are also there to support and make sure that no questions are left unanswered. Being able to help a couple bring a baby into their world is such an amazing opportunity for me. Thank you to Shelley and her team for letting me be a part of such an amazing journey!
- Our Donor G. #808
It has been a wonderful experience working with the Egg Donor Program! When joining the program, what was important was the professionalism and integrity of the team. However, as the time progressed, I was also really impressed by the support, consistent communication and warmth of Shelley Smith and my cycle coordinator Christi. They made me feel cared for and genuinely appreciated at all times. I’d recommend the Egg Donor Program to anyone. Thank you so much!!
- Our Donor O. #1525
The donating procedure can seem intimidating if you’ve never previously donated; however, the satisfaction you receive from giving the gift of life to a deserving couple is worth every moment. The changes your body go through are very minor and I was surprised at how simple the process. I was also fortunate to be a part of a very supportive and caring donation agency, which really makes a difference
- Our Donor A. #1056
Thank you so much for your kind words and generous gifts. It means the world to me that these children will have the love, support, and opportunities that I did not. I am so honored that you chose me to help grow families and I wish your family all the best.
- Our Donor Y. #1696
I could not imagine a better team than the one at The Egg Donor Program. From the very beginning, they made the complex process of donating easy to understand and rewarding. I have always felt so supported by their dedication to helping donors and recipients move through an exciting, and challenging, part of their lives, and would recommend them to anyone. They truly work to take care of their donors, removing the stress of coordinating the logistics so that we can instead focus on what’s really important–the amazing decision to help others start a family.
- Our Donor E. #1251
When I decided to be an egg donor, I could never have imagined how truly beautiful and tremendously significant the that each cycle has been so extraordinary because of the wonderful staff at Shelley Smith’s agency. When I initially decided to be a donor, I looked at several agencies. But the warmth and sensitivity combined with the professionalism and clear capability of Shelley Smith’s office made the choice an easy one. Their sincerity in spirit and exceptional skill reaffirms every day my decision to be a donor. From the bottom of my overflowing heart, thank you!
- Our Donor E. #1906