Delivering Babies from Heaven

Since 1991

We have been helping Australian parents with egg donation since 1991. Our SuperDonors are known for their intelligence, beauty, and compassion.

Our surrogacy agency was founded over 25 years ago. Our highly qualified surrogates all live in California, where the laws and travel opportunities favor international recipients.

Our lower cost and rapid frozen cycles are for international parents who want convenience and high success rates with frozen eggs. The Frozen Egg Donor Program has eggs from the most beautiful and intelligent women in the country.

Mission Statement

“Our programs were established in 1991 by Shelley Smith, a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and mother of twins from an ovum donor. We specialize in international clients. We have had wonderful experiences with our hundreds of Australian clients since our inception. We are attentive to your needs, offer options and rapid responses, and we would be honored to be part of your journey in building your family.”

What sets us apart

Why we offer the best options for Australians…


Our founder Shelley Smith has had many years of experience as a fertility patient herself, culminating in the birth of her twins through egg donation. This firsthand experience allows for compassion and understanding of the challenges that patients go through to have a child. It is especially difficult for intended parents who reside abroad.


Our many years of working with Australians have given us the experience and made us qualified to facilitate both egg donation and surrogacy and to accommodate international schedules. We have made many friends in Australia in the more than 25 years we’ve been helping families grow and our Donor Angels are eager to help.


As the Gold Standard of the industry, we provide the best egg donors and surrogates to our recipients as they begin and expand their families. Our optimal location in California provides favorable laws and the best candidate pool in the world for both egg donors and surrogates. California offers a variety of accommodations and its attractions and climate make it an exciting place to visit on your journey.

Building Families Through Egg Donation

We want to help you start your family with one of our egg donor angels. If you, like many of our clients, are coming from across the world, we will welcome you to our location in Los Angeles, the Egg Donation Capital of the world. Our previous Australian clients have found it effortless to connect with their donors in the USA as we share many cultural similarities. We have lovely egg donors who are looking forward to aiding you in the process of fulfilling your dreams.

Our Success Stories from Down Under

“How lovely to hear from you.  Yes – both babies born, healthy & beautiful at over 6lb each (great for twins).  We are overjoyed, overworked, over-excited and all the rest! We are so glad we found you all the way from Australia.”

“Please pass on how much joy is in our home and for our parents too – who are now grandparents later in life than they could have hoped.   I think of our Donor Angel often – and her lovely, gentle, determined nature.  I sincerely hope our children evolve to have something of her in their manner. It is still absolutely true to say that we consider her often, and always with sincere gratitude in our heart. And my thanks too to all at The Egg Donor Program, especially yourself, who helped to make this possible.  Your agency so clearly stood out from the rest, no merely for the standard of donors, but also the care and respect with which you dealt with prospective parents. “

“Our baby was delivered this morning, 8 pounds 4 ounces! We couldn’t be more grateful for everything you’ve done to make our dream come true!”

“My husband and I used your service to find our donor angel and successfully gave birth to our first little miracle. We also returned to the US from Australia for a cycle which, amazingly, has also been successful, and we are currently very blessed to be 15 weeks pregnant. “

“Could you kindly get message to our donor angel that even though her part in this journey ended some time ago, we still give thanks for her generosity every single day. Our little man is the light of our life and now we are hoping to have our very long and emotional journey come to an end this Summer when we complete our family. It has been an amazing ride … and after 7 long years I’m just very grateful that your agency and Donor Angel were there to give us hope when there didn’t seem to be any left. I will be eternally thankful.”

“I just wanted to let you know my pregnancy test was positive yesterday! I am ecstatic and grateful to you and the doctor. I know this is just the beginning and know there are still risks ahead, but I am hopeful! Thank you for all your assistance and support.”

“Dear Donor Angel,

My husband always had a figure of a woman in his mind. The woman that he was sure that was going to be the donor that would make our dream comes true. And from the second he looked at your picture, he was sure that was you were this woman. We really believe in destiny and this is destiny!

Thank you for being our donor, we are very happy, and we want you to know that we are very grateful to you! We wish you all the best in life, that you also realize all your dreams!

Love from Australia”

“I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your support in helping us with our sweet baby. He was born in Spring and was 8lbs 4oz. Please also let our donor know. He is a sweet, amazing little boy and we love him so very much. “

Our Surrogacy Program

The Surrogacy Program is one of the most established and trusted surrogacy agencies in the United States. All of our gestational surrogate mothers are carefully screened and all are residents of California where the laws are ideal for surrogacy. Being the premiere agency in the United States, we have coordinated and facilitated countless journeys of couples and individuals who sought to begin and expand their families for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide our Australian intended parents and the special relationships we maintain with them. Even though the distance prevents frequent visits, cultural similarities make it easy to maintain warm and trusting relationships with their surrogates.

Celebrating over a quarter of a century of helping Recipients in Australia

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